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MADO Angle mincers are continuously developed in a process of ongoing dialogue between our design engineers, specialist consultants and customers. As a result of these many years of development: Our customers have at their disposal a machine that is powerful and easy to maintain. For MADO, the focus is always on the customer’s end product > your product!

We use high quality raw materials and the latest, in-house production technology so that we can always guarantee a uniformly high standard of quality. With MADO angle mincers, the latest technology, the free-standing fully stainless steel housing and the hygienic design work together to ensure optimum production results at all times

Standard equipment:

  • Machine, processing worm and feeding augers with cutting edges and cutting plate made of stainless steel
  • Stepless processing worm
  • Self-regulating feeding worms
  • Reverse mode
  • Mixing device
  • Rinsing chambers for processing worm and feeding worms
  • Hydraulic worm ejector
  • Integrated hydraulic loading device for 200 litres meat trolleys
  • Hopper safeguard by electrically locked frame
  • Electrically locked, hinged step
  • Electrically locked outlet guard

Options / accessories:

  • Processing worm in steel/plastic
  • Feeding augers made of plastic (POM)
  • Stepless mixer shaft
  • Minced meat paddle on both sides
  • Heavy-duty version for frozen meat or raw skin
  • Separating system lateral or central, manually operated
  • Lateral separator, pneumatically operated, incl. control system
  • “DuoSepart” central and lateral, manually operated
  • “DuoSepart” central and lateral, pneumatically operated, incl. control system
  • Cleaning and transport trolley for holding accessory parts
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